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"Pigsty" (svinesti på norsk, Schweinestall auf deutsch) is used as a derogatory description of dirty, messy area. There are three contributing reasons that pigs, generally clean animals, create such a living environment:

  • Pigs are voracious eaters and will eat all the plants in the enclosure until there is nothing left to control erosion.

  • Pigs will naturally root and dig for food in the enclosure, further disturbing the soil.

  • Pigs do not regulate temperature by sweating which means that they must be provided with water or mud in which they can control their own body temperature.


Source: Wikipedia

PIGSTY is an Oslo based online store for art and design prints (art posters). Our products are of high artistic standard. We have a social approach when it comes to art: high quality art should be available to everybody!

We focus on making high quality prints available to our customers at a reasonable price. We feature works from hand-picked artists, photographers, illustrators and painters. We have a diverse representation of artist, some are more, others less established. They are old and young, dedicated and restless. This is what we call good company!

PIGSTY was born in 2019 as joint venture and as an expansion to the already existing PIGS Imaging AS, in Oslo.

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