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Anne Vålaug

I am an illustrator and graphic designer educated at Oslo Academy of the Arts (KHiO). I have worked for newspapers and as graphic designer in the furniture industry. In recent years I worked as a freelance illustrator.

My work usually starts with a repetition of a form, a colour palette I enjoy using, or I get inspired by something around me, small or big. I hope you will have as much pleasure in having one of my pictures on the wall, which I get from making them!

Christoph Lindner

Both electrical engineer and visual artist are reflected in Christoph’s passion to tell stories in pictures.

Born in Austria, having lived in Denmark, traveled the world and settled in Norway, there is a lot to tell.

Christoph cultivated his appetite to create and illustrate in several art classes at Reidar Finsrud Academy.

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David Stenmarck

Born in Oslo, Norway. Living in Ås, Norway.

I work as an illustrator and an artist. I like to paint, draw, build and make things.

My work is colorful, organic and sort of abstract. I like to play with abstract sceneries from my imagination. I paint walls and make sculptures, but I always try to push my 2dimensjonal work to 3dimensjonal sculptures, either visually or physically.

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Disha Lundberg

Disha is an illustrator and 3D artist with a BA in Game Animation. Born in Tromsø but currently living in Berlin working as a freelancer.

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Elin Liavik

Professionally Elin Liavik is a landscape architect, and there is no doubt that she has a good eye for both landscape and architecture.

She is interested in details, small limited pieces of reality which perhaps tell a story as well as "the big picture".

A returning theme in Elin's images are abandoned places, houses someone has lived in or industrial areas with the distinctive light of emptiness and decay, their colours and textures.

Furthermore, Elin was one of the first “cell phone photographers” in Norway who was invited to show her work in art galleries based on her Instagram photos.

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Elin Mack

Elin Mack usually works with collage based on materials she finds in the city, on streets and subway station walls. In this project, she has photographed details of the walls she usually «steals» raw materials from. The photographs, of urban walls with their remains of partially torn-down posters, have evolved into a separate art project, where the photographs are in dialogue with the collages.

Elin has photographed in several cities around Europe and in Norway. The photographs tell stories about the layers of time on city walls, with their traces of old posters, concrete and graffiti. At the same time, they are snapshots. The next day someone has torn down the posters, tagged them or maybe pasted new ones.

The photos show the lyricism in the raw, torn and perishable: Urban poetry in motion.

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Emil Johnsen Ellefsen

Emil is an Oslo-based artist and musician. He is a graduate of Strykejernet Art School, Oslo and Kingston University, London.

His drawings usually consist chaotic compositions based on observation and intuition with high intensity and a great detail.

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Eric Haidara

Bonjour, I'm Eric Haidara, a french photographer living in Oslo, Norway.

My online persona is @stratosferik, something which is pretty much me, just online.

I'm an Interaction designer by trade, working in central Oslo and keep my camera close to document the world around.

I'm posting (not so) quite regularly on instagram, you can also find me on Facebook (if you want to chat).

My motto is:

“Balanced Eclecticism”

I love balance, symmetry, clean lines and the various facet those can be discovered and captured.

You can hear me talk about it in public sometimes

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Espen Voll

Mer informasjon kommer

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Finn Brodal

I am a visual artist mainly working with photography, video and (assisted) readymades/sculptures/objects. My approach to art is eclectic. I have a BA in Fine Arts/Visual Arts from Statens Kunstakademi Oslo.

I also make music within different genres under different names. BrilleFinn is on SoundCloud. At PIGSTY I present recent digital photographs.

Fredrik Lloyd

Fredrik has been a published poet since the early nineties. He creates artist books and exhibition print posters of his poetry for sale. He has always aimed to be a very approachable poet, whose humorous and philosophical words might bring a smile to people’s daily life.

Brought up in England, he studied typography, letterpress, book design, book binding and graphic design at London College of Printing.

Fredrik now combines digital design with hand screen printing and public art works. He exhibits and sells his work in Norway and abroad. He also teaches creative writing, and book binding.

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Ginnette Sandberg /GSartoslo

Ginnette is a visual artist born in Colombia. Having lived in various cities in the US and Europe, she considers herself a “local of many places.” After graduating as an engineer and working in various industries, Ginnette decided to study art in a search for more fulfillment and balance. She graduated from Det Tverfaglige Kunstskole (DTK) in Bærum in 2018.  As co-founder of PIGSTY, she is passionate about combining technology and art in order to open up opportunities for artists to reach their markets directly and in an effective manner.

Ginnette is passionate about creative expression and uses art as a way to express and make sense of the different places, people, concepts and  experiences that surround her.

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Ingvild Fossheim

Mer informasjon kommer

Jo Straube

Freelance photographer based in Oslo.

Jo has a BA in photojournalism from HiOA (Høgskolen i Oslo & Akershus) fram 2010. He then finished his MA in journalism in 2017. Becoming a professional photographer is mainly a result from working as a photojournalist for Norwegian and foreign newspapers and magazines. In addition, Jo has worked with his own documentary projects, each of them dealing with questions about democracy.

When Jo visited Iceland in 2010, it was to document the repercussions of the financial crisis. Towards the elections in Myanmar in 2015, I portrayed people who, in various ways, were involved or heavily influenced by the great political upheavals in the country, to nuance the image of the country as something more than the Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi who is facing an evil regime.

Between 2013 and 2017 Jo drove thousands of kilometers to visit over 200(!) public libraries all across Norway. He did this “to document the current state of this major institution for an enlightened public”. The project resulted in the book "The Norwegian Library" which won the “Most beautiful photo / art book” award of 2018.

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Jon Lundell

Jon Lundell is an artist who mainly works with photography, sculpture and poems. In recent years he has participated in group exhibitions at Kunstnerforbundet (Norwegian Artist Society), UKS (Young Artist Society) and at Munch Museum. Lundell is also the initiator and head of the most amazing art festival Hvitsten Salong.

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Justyna Smolka

Lives in Asker / Bærum.

Justyna works interdisciplinary with a focus on drawing and painting. She works in all kinds of formats and uses various techniques, such as blind drawing and film.

Justyna paints with watercolours and draws with pencil, marker and acrylic pen. The shades of green and skin colour are repetetive in her work which often shows abstract shapes and lines. For Justyna, both composition and drawing and painting processes are equally important, and she loves to provoke by drawing ambiguous body shapes.

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Katrine Celius

Born in Valdres 1988.

Educated at Kragerø Art School and Bilder Nordic School of Photography. Katrine works with photography, drawing and painting. Her works often depict relationships between people and memories. She is particularly interested in what constitutes both mankind, society and landscape.

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Kristine Bjaadal

Kristine Bjaadal is an interdisciplinary designer, working mainly with interior products, crafts and exhibition design. She is less known for her two-dimensional works; using hand drawing, ink and watercolor to sketch on design ideas, her sketches sometimes makes series of artworks in their own right. The art posters are poetic and playful abstract compositions.

Bjaadal holds a Master’s degree in design from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. In 2013 and 2016 she was given an artist’s grant from Arts Council Norway. She runs her own design studio in Oslo.

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Lars K. Lande knipser DumDum Boys

Det er ikke mye man må si om denne gjengen. DumDum Boys er én av Norges største rockebands gjennom tiden. Musikkfotografen Lars K. Lande fanget inn noen av bandets mest ikoniske øyeblikkene.

PIGSTY har fått gleden å selge et utvalg eksklusive poster editioner. Kom i gang og sikre deg din bit av DumDum Boys før alt er utsolgt!

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Lars K. Lande w/Madrugada

Lars K. Lande has been on a mission for 20 years. His goal is to capture the sound of live music with a camera lens. He is well aware the futility of his endeavour, but the many beautiful moments he captures while failing in his mission, makes it well worth the struggle.

He claims he is not a photographer, he has just taken a lot of pictures. Pictures of DumDum Boys, Stein Torleif Bjella, Fish (ex Marillon), Madrugada, Mimmi Tamba, Nils Petter Molvær, Savoy, Serena Maneesh, Sivert Høyem, Susanne Sundfør, Turboneger, Vidar Busk, Ulver +++++++

The fact that he has no idea what he is doing, just makes his style of photography all the more his own.

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Oda Valle

Born in Os in the year 1983.

I have a BA (Hons) in Visual Communication from the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design.

I started my company "Oda Valle Illustration" in 2008, where I am the manager, illustrator and graphic designer. My clients are Avinor, COVER, Norwegian, Kinn Bryggeri, Bokvennen, Minerva, Mjøsmuseet, and Stella.

In recent years I have experimented with various printing techniques which helps me develop my artistic expression. You can also find me on various markeds all across Norway where you can buy my works. It is the most inspiring to meet people who like what I do.

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Ole Fredrik Hvidsten

Illustrator, living in Oslo, raised in Hvitsten, works on all visual surfaces.

After completing my education at the Norwegian Creative School in Oslo I have been working in creative environments.

Next to my personal projects, I am a part of Enbjørningen, an agency that solves all types of problems.

I am manager at BirgersOterUtleie. We do decoration and hand-made drawings for events and lectures.

At the same time, I am one of several project managers at Hvitsten Salong, an art festival that focuses on contemporary art.

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Per Øyvind Skjærvold Johansen

My name is Per Øyvind Skjærvold Johansen, born 1983 in Fredrikstad.

I've been drawing and painting since I was a kid. Graffiti meant a big deal to me back in the late 90's and early 2000's, and has probably played some part in shaping my style of drawing.

Through the years I've worked with illustration, consept art, storyboarding and theater set design. I draw as much as ever, but this time focusing more on personal works. My tools are pen, pencil and ink.

I like to try to capture a moment or an atmosphere, maybe something strange or subtle.

And I rarely leave home without a sketchbook and a set of pens, secretly drawing people, situations, architecture and landscapes.

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Tammo Rist

Born in Ravensburg, Germany. Living in Oslo, Norway.

After my education at Universität der Künste Berlin and Kunstakademie Düsseldorf I moved to Norway in 2006. I have since worked in the art field and participated in a number of national and international exhibitions and projects. In recent years, I have worked mostly with digital media (photography and graphics), but also light objects, painting and performance.

In my artistic work I am interested in a deconstruction of the image by a mixture of different techniques to create works that move between classical artistic categories. The works have a biographical character. They are personal and represent places and situations I have been in and somehow caught my attention. The selection follows no major logic, it is the eye and the moment that determines whether it is interesting or not. In this way, many of the works occur spontaneously and are in no way perfect.

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Thea Klingvall

I have a BA in retail design from Westerdals Oslo ACT. From 2006-2010 I studied the work of Jonny Andvik a figurative painter from Porsgrunn. I work with different techniques such as figurative drawing, oil paint and more.

During daytime I currently work as an art director at Mindshare Norway, at night as an illustrator and artist.

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Torgrim Ådnegard

From Vats in Hallingdal, born in 1997. Recently finished a 2-year degree in illustration in Oslo.

I like working with various media, including painting, digital painting, analog and digital photography, video etc. Always looking for new stuff to try out and experiment with.

Fascinated by stories from the past, lives that have been lived and old photographs. I also think growing up in the quiet countryside has influenced my work in many ways. I always try to portray a certain mood, and I think my work often has a sense of quietness and silence to it. Sometimes it’s melancholic, sometimes humorous - sometimes both. Always minimalistic.

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