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Welcome to PIGSTY

PIGSTY is an Oslo based online store for art and design prints (art posters) of high artistic standard. When it comes to art we have a social approach: art should be available to everybody! Hence our goal is to create high quality art posters at a reasonable price.


We feature works from hand-picked artists, photographers, illustrators and painters. Our collection is diverse, some are more, others less established, they are old and young, dedicated and restless. This is what we call good company!

Our art posters are produced on-demand and sent directly to our customers from our workshop in Oslo, Norway. PIGSTY editions are limited to 100 prints per motif and come in three sizes: 30x40 (A3), 50x70 and 70x100cm.


Each print is numbered and labeled as "PIGSTY edition" to ensure that your art poster has been made with the highest quality standard and with approval of the artist.


We hope you enjoy our collection.


See ya all in the PIGSTY

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