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  • Lisboa 1 - Elin Mack
  • Lisboa 1 - Elin Mack
  • Lisboa 1 - Elin Mack

Lisboa 1 - Elin Mack

kr 649,00Pris

About this PIGSTY art poster edition

The total edition of this art poster is 100 copies. These 100 copies are distributed into two dimensions: 

30x40cm / A3 = 50 copies (1-50)

50x70cm = 50 copies (51-100)


PIGSTY art posters are digital prints with pigment based ink on quality heavy weight paper (Hahnemühle, matt, 200 gsm).


Each art poster is numbered and stamped as “PIGSTY edition” on the backside of the print.



Artist statement

My artistic work can be situated between the monumental and the intimate. I work with installation, painting, photography or collages. I am interested in the structures of a surface, it’s tactile and graphic qualities but also their ability to tell a story. Combining all that I am challenging the possibilities and meaning of a visual image.


I am educated in arts & crafts (tactile surfaces) and graphic design (flat, colour and composition). The knowledge from both of these practices describe best how I work as a visual artist.

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