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  • Healing - Ginnette Sandberg
  • Healing - Ginnette Sandberg
  • Healing - Ginnette Sandberg

Healing - Ginnette Sandberg

kr 649,00Pris

About this PIGSTY art poster edition

The total edition of this art poster is 100 copies. These 100 copies are distributed into three dimensions: 

30x30cm = 25 copies (1-25)

50x50cm = 50 copies (26-75)

80x80cm = 25 copies (76-100)


PIGSTY art posters are digital prints with pigment based ink on quality heavy weight paper (Hahnemühle, matt, 200 gsm).


Each art poster is numbered and stamped as “PIGSTY edition” on the backside of the print.



Artist statement

Ginnette is a visual artist born in Colombia. Having lived in various cities in the US and Europe, she considers herself a “local of many places.” After graduating as an engineer and working in various industries, Ginnette decided to study art in a search for more fulfillment and balance. She graduated from Det Tverfaglige Kunstskole (DTK) in Bærum in 2018. As co-founder of PIGSTY, she is passionate about combining technology and art in order to open up opportunities for artists to reach their markets directly and in an effective manner.


Ginnette is passionate about creative expression and uses art as a way to express and make sense of the different places, people, concepts and experiences that surround her.

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